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When it comes to building your website, you essentially have two options, build the website your-self using a website builder or a hire a professional to build the website for you. Depending on your situation, one option might be better than the other.


If you have started a business or if you are thinking about starting a business. One of the most important corner stones of your business will be your website. With this in mind comes the question, how should you go about building your website? Should you build the website your-self or should you hire a professional? Ultimately the answer to this question depends on two factors.


*How much time you have to commit to the development and maintenance of your website.

*Your available budget for building and maintaining your website.


With the above two factors in mind, there are two options for building your website.


*Building the website on your own with a free website builder (less expensive, more time consuming).

*Hiring a professional to build the website for you (less time consuming, more expensive).


build your website in 3 steps


If you are thinking about building your website on your own, there are some advantages. The biggest being the cost, as with Forward Web you can build your website for only $50.00 per year ($14.95 for the domain name and $34.95 for your web hosting account). Forward Web has over 250 Themes/Templates for you to build your website with at no additional cost (Click Here to Browse through the available Themes/Templates that come with our website builder).


However there are some dis-advantages to building your own website, the most important probably being the time you will need to invest into building and maintaining your own website. Sure, anyone can build a website, however if you have no prior experience, the task is likely going to take much longer to complete than if you were to hire a professional to build your website.


The next most important disadvantage to building your website on your own is that unless you plan on hand coding and designing your website (without a website builder). You will be leasing your website. This means that if you ever decide to change web hosts, you will not be able to take your website with you (because you do not own the theme/template your website was built with).


Last but not least, when you take on the task of building a website on your own, although the process can be a learning experience, there are many aspects of website development you will not be able to grasp or learn on the initial build. Think of it like a home project, you might be able to build a fence for your home without hiring a contractor, however that does not mean you are ready to start building fences for a living after your first build. Further, when working within a pre-made template, there are going to be some restrictions to the type of modifications you will be able to make to your website.  Depending on the purpose of your website, it might not be ideal to try and build the website on your own (unless you have no other choice due to budget constraints).


Why should I hire a professional to build my website?


Assuming you are hiring a true professional to build your website (like Forward Web). Time, Expertise and knowing you are getting the best possible option for your website are all key reasons why you should consider hiring a professional to build your website. Although it is true that hiring a professional to build your website is considerably more expensive, the cost is very much justified and well worth it for your business.


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