Month: July 2015

Social Media is Expendable, Your Website is not.

By Forward Web 28 July, 2015

  Why your website is not expendable to your business.   Your website is your information hub for everything related to your business. Facebook, Twitter..ect are the channels which help bring your audience to your information through your website. Put the two together and you have a symbiotic relationship between your website and social media, with social […]

When Hiring a Web Developer (ask questions)

By Forward Web 15 July, 2015

  Most of what you see on the web today is point and click (as intended). The back-end however (the engine), like always, consists of very little point and click (coding and programming make the www go round). It is this basic understanding that essentially separates a true web developer from someone who is simply building […]

The Topic of using “Templates”

By Forward Web 15 July, 2015

  Today we are going to cover the topic of templates, which are often times wrongly looked at as negatives by the consumer (especially when hiring a professional). Here at Forward Web (every once and awhile) we are asked, does your company use templates? Our answer is always yes, however this does not mean the […]

3 Reasons Why You Should use WordPress

By Forward Web 14 July, 2015

  3 reasons why you should use WordPress   1. WordPress is Free for you to use and not proprietary to any company (who doesn’t like free, literally).   2. You don’t have to know HTML/PHP or any other language to manage/create your website (its just like managing a Microsoft word document).   3. WordPress is […]

Forward Web’s Data Center

By Forward Web 02 July, 2015

  Although Forward Web is based in Modesto, California. The primary servers which serve pages for over 2000 websites in 30 different countries are physically located in the old Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas (400 South Akard St Dallas, TX). Safe, secure and strategically located to keep your data safe from the unexpected physical elements. […]

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