Month: April 2016

Why Web Hosting is Crucial for Your Business

By Forward Web 24 April, 2016

  It is common for many businesses to use blogs and websites to reach potential customers and engage with existing clients and although most business owners understand the value of creating fantastic and effective content, oftentimes the importance of selecting a good web host is not a priority. Forward Web will explain why choosing a great […]

5 Tips for Optimizing Your Website Images

By Forward Web 19 April, 2016

  Optimizing your website images is essential for the success of your website. If you have ever wondered why your product photos never show up when you do a Google image search, what the difference between a JPEG, GIF and PNG is or if you are supposed to add “Alt Tags” to your images, then you […]

The 3 Services You Need to Start a Website

By Forward Web 03 April, 2016

So you want to start a website. Now what? What do you need? Where do you even begin? Forward Web would like to guide you through this process by providing you with information about the 3 basic services you need to start a website!   The three parts that make a website are: A domain name, web-hosting […]

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