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Your online strategy should be evolving.

By Forward Web 16 April, 2023

  💡A key fundamental mindset to being successful online is understanding that what was effective yesterday, may no longer be effective today and what is effective today, may no longer be effective tomorrow. A good way to avoid finding your-self in a position where your business is now years behind the competition is by simply […]

5 free basic steps to increasing your online traffic and sales

By Forward Web 09 August, 2022


  🤔 Do you feel like you need to step-up your online marketing for your business? Here are 5 basic steps every business with a physical location should and can take before doing anything else online (even before creating a website).     1. Claim Your Google My Business Listing: As part of Googles effort […]

Be Intuitive with your website

By Forward Web 17 July, 2021


  Everything about your website should be centered around how easy your website is to use, because well… the easier your website is to use, the more people will use it. This is especially important if you are wanting to leverage your website to reduce the amount of time you or your employees are spending […]

The User Experience Reigns Supreme

By Forward Web 17 March, 2021


Whether its generating sales, generating leads, providing useful information or all of the above. When building the foundation of your web presence (your web site). The center of your build should always revolve around the user experience. How?   First identify your intended audience to ensure your content and media relate to your audience. Then, […]

5 Advertising Campaign Killers

By Forward Web 21 February, 2021


  Are you running any ads through Facebook, Google, Microsoft or other digital platforms? Here are 5 areas we have identified over the years that tend to separate the winners from the losers.   1. Not Accurately Identifying Your Sources. The only way to properly gauge the performance of a campaign is to know exactly […]

Lets Talk About Your Branding.

By Forward Web 13 February, 2021


  When was the last time you analyzed the branding behind your business? More than ever, good branding can be the difference between your business growing in 2021 or shrinking. Here are 3 quick questions you can ask your-self to ensure your brand is still on a trajectory for growth and prosperity in 2021   […]

3 common mistakes businesses are making on-line in 2020

By Forward Web 09 August, 2020


  1. Having a social media presence, without having a website. The common scenario goes like this. “I have a facebook or instagram and its free, why do I need a website?”   This is a common trap most small businesses fall into, especially if they have a niche business or if the business is […]

Traditional Marketing VS Digital Marketing

By Forward Web 19 February, 2020


20-30 years ago, marketing campaigns that involved radio spots, local TV ads, newspapers, magazines and billboards, were all necessities and were at the forefront of what was considered a sound marketing strategy. Fast Forward to 2020 and if your business is still relying on any of these channels to promote your business, the harsh reality […]

Do you want to grow your business in 2020?

By Forward Web 16 December, 2019


  Make your web presence a priority in 2020. Here is a quick list to help get you moving in the right direction. 1. Audit your current website. When auditing your website, go beyond the aesthetics of the website. Yes, your website should look clean and modern, however beyond the looks, define the purpose. Is […]

Three actions you can take to immediately improve your on-line visibility

By Forward Web 02 December, 2019


  1. Claim & Set-Up Free Business Pages: Assuming your business has a physical location (shop, storefront, office..ect), Start with your Google Business Page, check to see if Google already has a listing for your business. If they do, proceed to claiming your business page and or creating a new listing for your business if […]

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