Build Your Website in 3 Steps

With over 260 modern templates to choose from, you can build your website with Forward Web in 3 simple steps (no experience necessary).


Want to build a website? Assuming you have already gone over the pros and cons of building a website on your own vs hiring a professional. Here are the 3 simple steps you can take to start building your website today, for only $50.00 per year, we provide everything you need to get up and running (no hidden costs).


Step 1. Registering Your Domain Name: The first step in building your website is making sure you secure the domain name people will use to find your website. When searching for your domain name, make sure you aim for registering a domain name that short and easy to remember. You can register your .com (or alternate extensions like .net, .org..ect) via our website here for $14.95


If you need any assistance or advice on the best possible domain name for your business, please do not hesitate to contact us at your convenience, we are always here to help.






Step 2. Set-Up Your Web Hosting Environment: The second step to building your website is setting up your web hosting environment. Web Hosting can essentially be thought of as the server where your website will be uploaded to so your website is accessible to the rest of the world. The busier and bigger your website gets, the bigger the web hosting environment will need to be. Web hosting will also enable you to set-up email for your website, along with giving you access to a variety of other resources (like our website builder).


Since you are just getting started, our basic web hosting plan (for $34.95) per year will be sufficient for your initial website build. If at any point your website gets to busy, requiring more resources, we will be able to upgrade you with out issue.





Step 3. Build Your Website: Now that you have your domain name registered and your web hosting account set-up, you are now ready to build your website using our SitePad Website Builder. Here are some examples of the themes you will be able to use to build your website. We have over 260 Themes available for you to work with, if you would like to view a complete demo list of templates before signing up, contact us.



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