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7 Basic Fundamentals for Creating a Great Website

By Forward Web 15 May, 2016

  Are you looking to build your first website? Today, there are many options which allows people to build/manage their own website but frankly, so much information can get overwhelming. To simplify this process, Forward Web has put together this guide, which provides 7 basic fundamentals for creating a great website!   Effective web design is judged by the users of […]

5 Tips for Optimizing Your Website Images

By Forward Web 19 April, 2016

  Optimizing your website images is essential for the success of your website. If you have ever wondered why your product photos never show up when you do a Google image search, what the difference between a JPEG, GIF and PNG is or if you are supposed to add “Alt Tags” to your images, then you […]

Five Ways to Help Increase Your Website’s Search Rank

By Forward Web 13 March, 2016

  Do you have a current website but are not sure how to improve your search engine rankings? This article provides you with five ways to help you increase your website search rank. Now, you may ask yourself, what’s the big deal about about website search ranks? Well, there are many reasons to consider but […]

Websites are not easy or free to build

By Forward Web 19 November, 2015

  As the title reads, websites are not easy or free to build. However this article is not intended to discourage you from attempting to build your own website (but rather to give you a more realistic approach to what it takes to develop a website) with or without the help of a professional.   With […]

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