Fernando D. Alfaro

Fernando D. Alfaro


Husband, Brother, Son, Friend, father to our son Amadeus and various fur-babies, oh and business owner/entrepreneur.

What I love most about what we do here at Forward Web is the problem solving component. The internet is always changing and everything can always be improved (which keeps things exciting for me). My goal here at Forward Web is to create the most efficient web platforms possible, empowering the end user to either spend less time on the internet or to solve some form of inefficiencies that exist within the business through the web (think automation, but not necessarily limited to automation).

I have a deep fascination with A.I (Artificial Intelligence) and decentralized platforms. However outside of the internet I enjoy listening to music, working on various side projects and boxing (yes, boxing).


Office Hours (Appointment Only)
Monday through Friday from: 8:30am-5:30pm