Proximity Marketing

Proximity marketing is a way your business to promote and engage people who are physically or near your beacon device.


Are you interested in finding a new and cost effective way to promote your business, products or services? With proximity marketing Forward Web is changing the way your business can interact with your current or potential customers. So what exactly is proximity marketing? In short, proximity marketing is the distribution of advertisements to end user devices through physical devices that can be placed in-store, outside or even carried with you.


Beacon Used for Proximity MarketingIn this example, we are using a beacon that is mounted outside a physical business (pictured to the left) to transmit a URL to mobile devices that are within 5-50M of the beacon. The transmitted URL (when clicked) redirects the user to a landing page on the business website where a coupon for the business can be downloaded. This of course is just one scenerio as there are many scenarios where a beacon can be used to promote a URL (in-store, outside the store or even when you are out and about).


chrome push notificationHow is the The transmitted URL received by the potential client? The transmitted URL’s are received by mobile devices via Chrome Push Notification (pictured to the left) who are in or around your beacon. The only requirement for users to receive the Chrome Push Notification is Chrome (which comes standard with all Android devices). No additional apps or 3rd party software are required for the end user to receive your notification.


Want to learn more about how Forward Web can increase your business visibility through proximity marketing? Please inquire via the form below, since every scenario and need is different, we will need to chat before giving you pricing. Our proximity service includes the beacon, configuration and landing pages associated with your beacon (all at an affordable price).


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