Reasons you may need to upgrade to a Virtual Private Server

By Forward Web 26 September, 2016

For many businesses, growth means upgrades. Virtual private servers (VPS hosting) are great solutions for businesses in between having outgrown their standard shared web hosting and needing a full dedicated server. So how do you know if an upgrade is the right move for your business or website? Here are a few signs and or reasons you may need to upgrade to a VPS.


Your site is slow: A slow website means your visitors are not getting the information they need in a timely manner (major negative). In addition, a slow website means your website is being negatively effected on Local and Organic search rankings (double negative). Regardless of the negative effects of having a slow website, the reasons why your website is loading slow could be related to your website having outgrown it’s shared web hosting enviroment. Since every shared web hosting account has limits in relation to the amount of traffic the website can handle. At some point (if your website grows in popularity) your website will outgrow your shared web hosting account (requiring more dedicated resources).


You want or need more control over your web hosting environment: One of the primary reasons (outside of needing more dedicated resources), is to be able to install your own operating system, software or web server. Although you don’t necessarily need to have system administration knowledge (you can acquire a fully managed VPS if you don’t), with more control, will come more responsibility.


You’re worried about security: There’s no way to guarantee total safety with web hosting. However, staying along the same lines of having more control. Having a VPS (if managed correctly) will give you a greater level of security vs your standard shared web hosting account. This can be especially true if you are running an e-commerce website that requires PCI compliance or the storage of sensitive information.


Still not sure if you need to upgrade to a VPS? Do not hesitate to have Forward Web analyze your current website/web hosting environment to determine whether or not an upgraded is required. virtual private servers

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