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The User Experience Reigns Supreme

By Forward Web 17 March, 2021

Whether its generating sales, generating leads, providing useful information or all of the above. When building the foundation of your web presence (your web site). The center of your build should always revolve around the user experience. How?   First identify your intended audience to ensure your content and media relate to your audience. Then, […]

Three actions you can take to immediately improve your on-line visibility

By Forward Web 02 December, 2019


  1. Claim & Set-Up Free Business Pages: Assuming your business has a physical location (shop, storefront, office..ect), Start with your Google Business Page, check to see if Google already has a listing for your business. If they do, proceed to claiming your business page and or creating a new listing for your business if […]

Love Modesto – Catherine Everett Elementary School Project Recap

By Forward Web 23 April, 2015


  This past weekend Forward Web had the opportunity to be one of the many sponsors that participated in the Love Modesto event.     The project Forward Web decided to sponsor was for Catherine Everett Elementary School. The project involved painting a map of the 50 states for the kids to play with during […]

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