FernGullyGraphics changes name to Forward Web

By Forward Web 11 July, 2017


Hi everyone,

Today we are pleased to announce the launch of our new company name Forward Web (which replaces our previous name FernGullyGraphics). So why the name change?


As we have grown over the past years, our core business has gone far beyond Graphics and more into the categories of Web Hosting, Web Development and Marketing. Although graphics and printing is still very much a part of our business, we wanted to update our name into something that was a little more synonymous with what we do. Since we have always seen ourselves as a forward thinking company, we thought Forward Web was a more appropriate name for our company.


With that being said, we do want to make note that the only part of our business that has changed is our name. The Staff, ownership and level of service you have come to expect are all going to remain the same. Some Important Notes:


* As we slowly update merchant accounts..ect you will start to see Forward Web showing up on your statements.

* If you have any payments in the mail that were made out to FernGullyGraphics (you do NOT need to resend these payments), we will be able to process as is. Just make a note that all future payments should be made out to Forward Web.

* Any email sent to @FernGullyGraphics.com is still going to be actively checked.

* If your domain name is currently using ns23.FernGullyGraphics.com nameservers, these nameservers will remain active for the foreseeable future.

* We have not updated the URLs for the client portal yet, however we will do so within the coming week. Once we update the client portal url’s, your login credentials will remain the same and the old url’s will forward to the new ones. So ideally, you wont have to do much on your end.


That should cover everything, if you have any questions about the name change, please do not hesitate to ask. We look forward to continue serving you under the new brand for many more years to come.



PH: 800-590-6985

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