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Behind every successful website and application, there is a strong server and admin.


Most business owners utilize websites and blogs to engage with existing clients to reach potential customers. While most business owners see the value of creating great content, the importance of selecting a good web host often takes a back seat (which can prove disastrous for many businesses). With this in mind, think of your web host as a delivery driver that delivers your content to your customers. Meaning, you will want to make sure your delivery driver is reliable, efficient and cost effective.


There are various web hosting platforms available such as Shared web hosting, VPS (Virtual Private Server) and Dedicated Servers. To help you better understand what web hosting platform might be best for you, here is a break down of 3 platforms that might be ideal if you are just getting started.


Shared Web Hosting (with cPanel)

Generally speaking, shared web hosting is ideal for most starter websites (or low traffic websites). The benefits of using shared web hosting are lower costs and not having to worry about managing the server your website is hosted on. With cPanel, the management of your website is fairly easy.


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Unmanaged VPS

Unmanaged VPS (Virtual Private Servers) are typically more ideal for the advanced user who needs a little more control over their server environment. If you are proficient in managing your own server and are simply looking for a solid server environment with enterprise grade hardware, than an Unmanaged VPS might be the ideal solution for you.


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Fully Managed VPS

Fully Managed VPS (with cPanel) are ideal for websites that have a higher demand for resources (ex: Magento Shopping Carts or busy Forums). With a fully managed VPS you are getting more dedicated resources, with an added bonus of having the server fully managed by Forward Web (this means we handle all aspects of managing your server).


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