3 Reasons Why Having Business Cards Matter

By Forward Web 14 August, 2016


Technology is a big part of our every day lives and just about everything we do in business is digital; we sign contracts online, send countless emails back and forth, attend meetings and even our networking is now done digitally! But, even though our technology is constantly evolving, there is one thing that will not be replaced any time soon, the business card. In this article, Forward Web provides 3 reasons why having a business card matter:


Having a Business Card Shows You Are Prepared

Imagine this: you are having a great conversation with someone and they ask you for your business information but for one reason or another, you have no business cards with you. What do you do? Do you write your contact information on a napkin and hand it over to them? Or perhaps you suggest they save your information in their phone but their phone happens to be dead? Either way, none of those approaches are professional.

Instead, if can simply pull out a business card and hand it over to the person who wants to do business with you will demonstrate that you are prepared and a great indicator that you are professional. Ending conversations with “let me give you my business card” is still very effective.



A Professional Business Card Is The First Impression Of Your Brand

Anytime you make contact with someone, you want to make a great first impression (especially when they could potentially be a great prospect or connection). What better way to make a great impression than with a professional business card! A memorable business card does a lot more than just pass on an email address or phone number.

Investing in a professionally designed business card is extremely valuable. The last thing you want your new connection to do is associate your business brand with the word cheap. An professionally designed business card not only makes a great first impression but they can also serve as an effective icebreaker. Conversations don’t always have to end after handing over your card, in fact, oftentimes a unique business card will fuel a conversation even further!



Business Cards Are The Most Effective Direct Marketing Tool

When it comes to marketing tools, there are many options available; from email marketing to effective search engine optimization and paid media, they all do a fantastic job of attracting leads and prospects however, they will never be AS effective as an face to face meeting sealed with a handshake and a business card exchange.

You could potentially run into lead or prospect opportunities every time you walk through your front door. Whether your day consists of a going to a conference, an airport, lunch, doctor appointment, grocery store even happy hour, opportunities are all around you. For this reason, it is important to make sure you have business cards with you at all times to ensure you will never miss an opportunity to make a valuable connection.



Business cards are not outdated yet, and as you can see, there are many great reasons why you should invest in professionally designed business cards. True, it is an expense but it is an expense well worth investing in because the fact of the matter is that you can never have too many business cards and they are an fundamental part of your business! For more information or if you are interested in our professional and custom business card design service, make sure to contact Forward Web.





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